The work of writing and designing your website depends on the real content of your site. Now that you are ready with your content, it’s time to look at the two final key components for setting up your website.

Domain name and web hosting

Your domain name is like your Name plate for your house. By having a different name like your pet name will bring the wrong visitors to your house. That’s why you need to choose relevant domain names which will bring new customers to you.

Your web hosting is like your actual house. It is the actual server space where your files are stored. These complex computer understandable codes are presented to your browsers which your users see. 

A domain does not do anything on its own. Registration provides you the right to “point” your domain wherever you want. And its usually pointed to the webhosting server where your content and other software programs ( like WordPress CMS ) resides. 

Here are the 4 mistakes to avoid while buying a domain name.

Your web identity should be independent of your college, or employer.

This ensures that your domain name stays current even when you change your job or college. By selecting a domain name which is not dependent on one particular job or even a small place or town where you started your business, will help you have the same domain name when you expand your business. This will reduce a lot of headache when your business grows exponentially. 

Free web accounts have basic Web server features.

Often people are instant when it comes to creating a free web account provided by some unknown providers. When we appreciate and be thankful to those free service providers, businesses should re-think to create their websites in free accounts as they do not come with the advanced web features, like CMS, programming platforms. It’ll be good if you can limit by posting only your domain name(website URL) in such free accounts which will point to your actual website. 

The URLs are not relevant and a pain to work with.

URLs provided by free service providers are ugly and difficult to work with. You cannot even tell someone verbally your website url. For egs.

The free service provider may change the URL structure for accounts with little notice or disable certain features.

You may encounter surprises with very less time limits to save all your work you did in your free account. They may change your URL or make the free account a paid one suddenly. Whatever it may be, you have no control on your domain name which you had provided elsewhere in the internet and to your customers. 

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