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Optimize your website with our SEO Process

The best time to optimize your website for top search engine positions is when it is first being developed, because most websites end up with the most common barrier that the design of website is not search engines friendly . Search engine-friendly Web design is vital because this makes foundation for a successful SEO campaign. Developing a greate website, is useless untill not optimised for serach engines, ie , it is not comming on good SERP in search engines on the keywords which is in website theme.

Making your website pages in top search position is easy if you know “How google ranks pages in indexing?”. But it’s all is in google’s stomach, we can only speculate the results, not gurantee it. The easier your make your site to be understood by Google crawler or any search engine crawler, the better chances you’ll have of getting top spots in Google’s index. Google search engine marketing is the answer to getting your site found. Internet Marketing SEO, and in particular, Google SEO is the key.

Seo Process offers affordable search engine SEO optimization solutions for small business, individuals website, blogs and nonprofit organizations. SEO optimisation can be a challenge for a professional, small business or non profit group or for a one woman or one man band. If you want your website, blogs that works with search engines, you are in the right place, right folks to help you.

How sitemap either XML sitemap or HTML sitemap helps in SEO

Search engines use your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site. Placing a site map on your business website not only helps your visitors to find information but also it is easy for search engine spiders to crawl your website thoroughly.

Qualities of a Good Domain Name

Going to put your business online or deciding to make a website for your business, what will be the first step? Defenetely to choose a good domain that reflects your business.Choosing a good domain name is crucial to the success or failure of your business. How?Just think about your offline location or the location of your shop.If you are not in right place/location, you are likely not going to get many visitors. Simillar thing happens with domain name.There are few point , you must consider when registering a domian name:

Tips for website’s onpage SEO for Google

The common mistakes many website owner does. Don’t hide the content from search engine crawlers. The best way to check whether the content is indexable or not use Text based broewer such as Lynx Browser. Lynx is a text based browser that displays purely text and indexable text-based hyperlinks similar to what search engine crawler see.

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